Why Businesses Need Google Business Profile in 2022?

Written by: Steffan
February 28, 2022

Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a free business management tool created by Google to help business owners and SEO specialists manage their online presence. So customers can locate your company easily when searching for similar items and services in their region. Read on to find out why businesses need the new Google Business Profile in 2022.

Easy Business Verification and Claim

Anyone can create a business profile with the Google Business Profile tool. It typically includes all necessary information from contact details, business address, and work hours to your website URL. So, the profile listing tells potential customers where to find you and how to get there.

The option to claim and validate the business profile or listing will appear in the search results. Business owners may begin changing their profiles on the Search and Map applications once they are verified. So, it also helps improve the effectiveness of your local SEO will improve.

Google Search Messaging

Business owners can view and respond to consumer messages using their profile on the Search app or webpage. These prompt responses will improve consumer engagement.

Call History Feature

A Call History tool is now available to verified retailers and enterprises in the US and Canada. People who have access to this feature can monitor which customers made incoming calls from their Business Profile for improved analytics, and craft their acquisition strategy accordingly.

Google Search and Maps Read Receipts

Business owners can now see message read receipts on Google Search and Maps. Knowing that your customer has received and read your message will improve the overall chat experience and lead to more meaningful exchanges.

Reviews to Build Trust

Reviews are crucial social proof and valuable assets in establishing trust and credibility. Thanks to Google’s combined star rating, customers now contribute as much or as little information about their experience with your business as they wish,. All this information eventually aids prospective customers in deciding which vendor to visit and what things to purchase.

Updated Google Business Profile Drives More Visibility at No Additional Cost

Business owners can use updates to announce whether they have extended their services, are temporarily closed, or have reopened entirely. This is an especially useful feature during emergencies like COVID-19. Because Google Business Profile has a strong local SEO, the shared information will be given precedence over third-party sites that may contain outdated details.

Google My Business has been an essential tool for business owners looking to expand, their local businesses. If you want professional help to boost your rankings in local searches by claiming, validating, and optimizing your Google Business Profile connect with AppendX Digital immediately.

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