Why Should Every Business Have a Strong Social Media Presence?

Written by: Steffan
March 21, 2022

Social media is no longer an optional marketing strategy for businesses. The social network penetration rate in Canada is 83.42%. Reports also suggest that more than 96% of Canadian internet users are set to embrace social media presence by 2026. These numbers show the potential audience that your business can reach and connect with using the right tools.

It can be difficult for your business to grow its customer base without a good social media presence. If you have not established your social media presence yet, here are the top reasons to start now.

Boosts Brand Awareness

Social media apps give business owners a platform to communicate directly with customers. You have the option to share your story and interact with customers through reels, photos, or videos. This gives the audience a “behind the scenes” view of your business and helps them relate to your brand faster. Additionally, the personalized touch encourages the customer to purchase products and support your business.

Statistics show that around 83% of social media users find new products and businesses on Instagram. So you can expand your audience base considerably by sharing relevant, engaging content that suits your brand image. Businesses can also raise their conversion rates by connecting with their target audience.

Increase Inbound Traffic

You need to understand PPC, SEO, and many other techniques to build digital traffic for your business website. Your website’s traffic is also highly dependent on search engines algorithms and trends. So social media marketing may be the better option to increase inbound traffic.

When you add website links to product images, reels and stories, the viewer no longer needs to search for your business on search engines. The website receives inbound traffic directly from social media profiles and the links you add. Moreover, some of these will move to the next step and buy your products or services.

Improve Customer Service

Most customers expect immediate responses from the businesses they interact with. In fact, 93% of customers are more likely to repeat purchases from a business if they receive excellent customer service. In the pre-social media era, customer service was completed through email. Emails take time and often drown in the spam folder.

In contrast, social media platforms allow you to provide instant, personalized responses to customers. They improve the response time of your business, which also boosts your brand’s reputation.

Using social media for customer service also humanizes interaction. Consumers believe social media provides one-on-one interaction with business owners making them trust social media responses more.

Every business needs a solid digital presence. With the right digital marketing partner, your business can leverage the large customer base of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If you are looking to boost your digital presence, AppendX Digital is the ideal digital marketing expert. Reach out to us to get started!

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